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Great News! The game-changing volume so many of us have been waiting for is now available.

Marc Gafni’s latest book, Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment, is now in print and available on Amazon.

In the words of the author, spiritual teacher Marc Gafni, “This book speaks dangerous words – dangerous to your sense that you are small – to your feeling that you are invisible or alone. Your Unique Self dares you to listen dangerously – to embrace your greatness and open to the infinite love intelligence that yearns to enter the world as you.”

The Surprising Next Step in Evolution: This Time, Enlightenment Gets Personal!

Unique Self paves the way for what Marc Gafni has called “the Democratization of Enlightenment.”

You’re now visiting the newest Center for World Spirituality publication: UniqueSelf.com

In concert with the book launch, we are also unveiling a new online hub of resources and teachings related to Unique Self.

UniqueSelf.com plays an important role in the emergent Unique Self culture. It contains new writing, Unique Self dialogues, intellectual history, and most importantly, a series of learning centers that are beginning to explore how Unique Self contributes to and transforms key dimensions of human life. These include Unique Self and Education, Unique Self and Psychology, Unique Self and Parenting, Unique Self and Relationships, Unique Self and Shadow, Unique Self and Politics, and many more.

Unique Self is more than an idea that can be described in a book; it is a realization about what it means to be most fully human as an individual and as a member of humankind.

We look forward to keeping you informed about World Spirituality, our projects, and all upcoming opportunities for learning and participation.

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