The Five Great Awakenings

In this excerpt from Your Unique Self, Marc Gafni gives an account of five levels of expanding identity and consciousness. He calls these levels “awakenings,” based on the understanding revealed by pre-modern, modern, and post-modern traditions alike, that human beings are asleep and need to wake up.

There are many disagreements about the nature of the liberation or fulfillment available to humanity, but there are significant commonalities which can form the basis of an Integral view. Gafni’s account of the stages of development concentrates on these five moments:

  1. Ego Awakening: Pre-personal to Personal Awakened Self
  2. The Awakening to the Unity Principle
  3. Awakening from Separate Self to True Self
  4. Awakening from True Self to Your Unique Self
  5. Evolutionary Unique Self Awakening

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