Mike Wombacher and Dustin DiPerna on Evolutionary Spirituality and Unique Self

In June, 2011, Mike Wombacher and Dustin DiPerna engaged in a series of three discussions in which they compared the perspectives of the Integral Framework and Evolutionary Enlightenment on key issues of this emerging new worldview. The topics were “The Evolutionary & Integral Context,” ” The Unique Self & The Authentic Self,” and “The Evolutionary/Integral Approach to Shadow.”

The dialogues reflect growing interest in the nexus of issues at the intersection of Integral, Evolutionary, and World Spirituality (Unique Self). For more information, see this announcement at the Center for Integral Wisdom website.

Michael Wombacher spent the summer of 2005 on retreat with Andrew Cohen in Montserrat, Spain. He teaches courses in the Bay Area on evolutionary environment and contributes to “What Is Enlightenment?” magazine. He lives in San Francisco.

Dustin DiPerna, a graduate of Cornell University, is the author of book The Infinite Ladder: An Introduction to Integral Religious Studies. He is a trainer with Spiritual Intelligence and lives in San Francisco.