Unique Self & Dynamics of Change

What are the internal and external moments of transformation in our lives, and how can we facilitate learning journeys which allow us to increase our unique talents? This is the topic of “Unique Self & Dynamics of Change,” a dialogue on Unique Self with Marc Gafni and Joel Monk, one of the coaches behind Coaches Rising, an organization at the forefront of a movement that is committed to radically further the impact coaches have in the world.

Joel trained at the London Centre for Coaching and completed the 12 month intensive program ‘The Creative Coach’. Originally training as an artist at Manchester Metropolitan University he worked for many years facilitating diverse communities through learning journeys that explored issues of identity and social cohesion. Joel has always been interested in exploration of one kind or another, whether that be through his extensive travels in Asia or through the many hours of psycho-spiritual practice he has dedicated himself to.

As a coach Joel is dedicated to increasing his clients Inner Leadership capacities. This he names as the ability to take full responsibility for ones situation, to remain resourceful and creative, making choices and taking effective action no matter what is going on.

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