Understanding Your Unique Shadow

Just as there is no light without the dark, there is no Unique Self without a Unique Shadow—which simply means the aspects of our experience, our manifestation, and our full engagement of the world that have yet to come online. In other words, your Unique Shadow is your life unlived, those dark avenues of experience that have yet to be actualized—and by tracing your Unique Shadow back to its timeless source, we are led directly into the heart of every present moment.

In this two-part presentation, delivered at the first Integral Spiritual Experience event, Marc explorGafni es the evolution of our knowledge about shadow, tracing its development from a variety of perspectives and integrating them into a new synthesis.

“In shadow work, there’s a whole world that we’re going to try from an Integral perspective using Unique Self as a lodestone to make a revolutionary breakthrough in how we understand shadow … with enormous implications on how each of us, this speaker included, live our lives, do our shadow work, and how therapists, teachers, and spiritual teachers can revolutionize their work. It is also a contrast to how Ken Wilber discusses the topic in Transformations in Consciousness… We have mutually come to an understanding that both stages and types create their own shadow…”

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