What Executives Are Saying

Business executives and leaders are excited about the potential for Your Unique Self to change the game…

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and Chair of Center for World Spirituality:

John Mackey“Dr. Marc Gafni has written an brilliant book, Your Unique Self, which I believe is essential reading. “Your Unique Self” articulates a bold evolutionary, spiritual, philosophy that calls every individual to realize their Unique Self and give their Unique Gifts in an evolutinary context. Gafni, together with his colleague Ken Wilber, is a bold visionary and a catalytic voice for the newly emergent World Spirituality movement, which combines the best of pre-modern, modern, and post-modern insight. I highly recommend this book.”

Rand Stagen, Managing Director of Stagen:

Rand Stagen“So often in our firm’s work, we see a pattern where high achieving CEOs struggle to reconcile the transcendence of their spiritual life with the practicalities of their organizational work. Dr. Gafni’s enlightened point of view offers leaders a highly accessible framework for expressing their Unique Selves through their organizations. This book is truly groundbreaking and should be in the hands of all aspiring conscious leaders.”

Don Beck, Developmental Theorist, Author, Spiral Dynamics:

Don BeckYour Unique Self is picking up on this new emerging sense of self which emerges at the second tier of consciousness. It’s very powerful, this teaching of Unique Self because it has to escape a very heavy communal pressures of the “we” who suggests that after spiritual practice you realize that there is no essential individuality at all. Well that’s not true. Thank God, for this Unique Self teaching; that’s where creativity is. In your genius you’ve hit upon what the very unique properties are of this seventh station understanding of self. It’s just in the nick of time my friend. Thank you very much for it.”

Richard Barrett, Chairman and Founder of the Barrett Values Centre, Author of The New Leadership Paradigm and Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations:

John Mackey“Gafni’s work on Unique Self is utterly essential reading for everyone who wants to step into the fullness of their being.”