New Preface by Barbara Marx Hubbard for Your Unique Self

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Preface by Barbara Marx Hubbard for Marc Gafni‘s 



Deep from the heart of the cosmos comes the signal: be born as the universe in person! Manifest cosmogenesis as your own divine expression of creation. Bring cosmogenesis – the evolution of the cosmos — into form as you, as co creators of a new culture in which each human being is an expression of the Impulse of Creation.

In Your Unique Self Marc Gafni speaks for the evolutionary impulse during our time of radical shift on Earth from one form of growth, one form of self, one form of species, and one form of society to the next. He speaks for the Culture of Cocreators, each of us as a Unique Self, a divine expression of the Creator creating. [Read more…]

Review of “Your Unique Self” by Mariana Caplan, PhD

Mariana Caplan

Your Unique Self is a great gift to the modern spiritual world. The author, Marc Gafni, has been immersed in spiritual study and practice for over three decades, and his work comes to a full flowering in this beautiful book.

In this way, Your Unique Self is both a philosophy and a practice that is relevant to seekers and practitioners of all traditions, both traditional and modern. The radical but grounded theory and method Gafni articulates offers the reader a chance to experience not only his or her unique gifts to the world, but to recognize uniqueness itself as an enlightened expression of our own inherent divinity. Unique Self in Gafni’s realization is the expression of the irreducibly unique “personal face of essence”. Here is a direct taste of the book itself.

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