The Language of God and Unique Voice by Dr. Marc Gafni

In this beautiful essay on the language of God and accessing Unique Voice, Dr. Marc Gafni explains the stages of accessing Unique Voice, moving from the lower speech that comes from the noise of our lives to a higher silence and speech through which we reclaim and learn to tell our stories. To learn this language is to make the journey from slavery to freedom, from silence to story or speech.  In doing so, we leave Egypt, which means “the narrow places,” much as the throat is a narrow or constricted passage that speech must move through to reach “freedom’s gateway,” the mouth. Marc explains how in the journey from slavery to freedom, sound travels from the silence of absence, to form sound that is uttered primitively like a cry, and evolves to become more powerful words, which when formed in silence, tell the stories through which we access our Unique Selves.  Finally, we learn to speak the Language of God.  Read this excerpt from Part Five of the essay, and explore the other stages of the journey as told lovingly by Marc Gafni through the links below: [Read more…]