Marc Gafni on Unique Self – Part 12. The Unique Self Book

It is awesome to be here with you, and I am delighted beyond delight to invite you to acquire the Unique Self book. It’s available on this website and through Integral Publishers—Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment.

I want to give you a sense of what you’ll receive in the book. It’s some 22 or 23 chapters. Each chapter is a process of awakening. The book is designed not as a mere individual download – though there is a lot of dharma teaching there – but it is designed as a psychoactive process, a transmission of Unique Self Enlightenment, Unique Self awakening.

In the book we unfold the key dimensions of the Unique Self dharma: the awake, alive, living organism of the teaching that lives in you and acts in you and transforms you. That’s part one. There are seven chapters on the core new enlightenment teaching: Unique Self as the change that changes everything.

In part two of the book, we move into the distinctions between ego and Unique Self. We outline 25 essential distinctions –again, not as an informative list, but as a series of psychoactive and transformative instructions that allow you to feel into and make those distinctions in your life. So you will be able to identify when you are living from Unique Self and when you are living from ego, and it changes everything.

And then three: we identify the eight stations of Unique Self, so you can find your way to identifying and living your Unique Self.

Four: then we unfold and develop the relationship of evolutionary spirituality – living and identifying with the unique impulse of evolution that lives in you, as you, and through you – which changes your life.

Five: we talk about the relationship between eros and Unique Self: how eros and Unique Self play together.

Six: there’s a section on what it means to live your story, how to write your sacred autobiography, and how to transcend loneliness specifically through living and acting your Unique Self.

Seven: love and joy and Unique Self—a re-working of what it means to be a lover. You’ll have a wonderful time with those chapters.

Eight: two chapters on shadow and Unique Self which completely shift our understanding of shadow. One shadow work teacher said it completely shifted her understanding. And seven laws of love—the transformational elixir in following your Unique Shadow back to your Unique Self.

Nine: in great depth, sexuality and Unique Self. We outline seven kinds of sexing and a unique form of tantric sexuality which is Unique Self sexuality.

Ten: we talk about the seven laws of evolutionary Unique Self relationships. We call them Unique Self encounters.

Eleven: we talk about Unique Self as the form of parenting. It changes the source code of parenting.

Twelve: we talk about Unique Self and its relationship to malice, and how the desire to destroy the Unique Self of another destroys relationship.

Thirteen: Unique Self and death, mortality.

Each one of these dimensions is a kind of enlivening process, a catalytic and psychoactive process which changes how you are in the world.

Finally, there are three more components. First, there is an extensive set of footnotes. You can skip them. If you are a theory person, they will give you an idea of the relationship between Integral Theory and Unique Self. If that doesn’t live in your life, skip it. But if you are an Integral person, it’s thoroughly discussed.

Second, there’s a section on Unique Self and World Spirituality – how they are emerging together in the world.

Third, you have a beautiful invitation for you to live your Unique Self, which is the essence of the whole thing. As Trungpa wrote, we come to speak dangerous words. I ask only that you listen dangerously. Blessings and total love to you on your journey to your Unique Self.

Unique Self emerges from my teaching over the last 20 years, a deep meeting between my teaching and Integral Theory, many many conversations between Ken and myself, fructified, amplified, and deepened by an inner circle of other teachers who brought their own gifts to bear, and now Unique Self belongs to no one. It’s the teaching of tomorrow, which will take each one of us.

Find your way on this radical path to personal enlightenment.