Marc Gafni on Evolutionary Unique Self & the Unique Self Symphony (Part 28)

Continued from part 27.

A person is aroused to identifying their unique gift through the practice of writing outrageous love letters. The writing of outrageous love letters awakens the person to their essential identity as an irreducibly unique expression of the love intelligence and love beauty of all.

When you awaken as the irreducibly unique verb of the love-intelligence living in you and as you, you begin to play your song. You sing the song that only you can sing. You write the outrageous love letter that only you can write. Deeper still you become the outrageous love letter that only you can be. You participate in the Unique Self-symphony of reality’s infinite creativity by playing your instrument, which is utterly necessary and needed by all that is. By acting locally as an outrageous lover within your circle of intimacy and influence, you play the notes, which begin to go viral.

Moreover by sharing these outrageous acts others are inspired to commit outrageous acts of love and the Unique Self symphony of outrageous love is deepened and expanded. The outrageous acts of love are shared organically through their being witnessed in every person’s circle of intimacy and influence. The outrageous acts of love are also shared however by a person writing the story of their outrageous act of love in an outrageous love letter. The personal heart opens again and again in outrageous love.  The heart of reality opens again and again to the outrageous love that is both source and destination.

This completely shifts our relationship to self, the world and love. Instead of constantly looking for the right person you look to become the right person. The right person means not right in any externally imposed code but right for you. Right for your soul’s code. Right for you means for Your Unique Self, which is an irreducibly unique expression of love intelligence, which lives in you and as you. Since there is only One Love and One Heart then a person’s opening up to their own irreducibly unique manifestation of outrageous love directly participates in the evolution of love.

By committing the outrageous acts of love that are an expression of your Unique Self you awaken the music of source which needs you to heal reality. You are filled with energy, joy and creative Eros. Your heart explodes in passion and emotion. Your beautiful mind is awake, creative and elegant. You have awakened as an outrageous lover writing outrageous love letters to all that is through your very being and becoming. This is a vision of evolutionary intimacy.

To be continued…

Taken from a first draft text from the forthcoming book The Path and Practice of Outrageous Love by Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid, this series elaborates on a critical advancement of the Unique Self Dharma that Dr. Marc has developed after Your Unique Self was published.