Marc Gafni on Evolutionary Unique Self & the Unique Self Symphony (Part 23)

Continued from part 22.

Unique Selves enacting outrageous acts of love all over the world generate the Unique Self Symphony. The Unique Self Symphony is but reality self-organizing into an Evolutionary We-Space of Outrageous Love. Such a We-Space has the power to successfully address virtually every personal and social challenge we face.

When we get stuck in our narrow selves, trying to address some grasping greed, which we crave to fill an empty hole, then we inevitably stop giving our Unique Gifts. Our ego hijacks our Unique Self. Desperate grasping and the survival of the fittest become the evolutionary paradigms. But the deeper model of evolution is Evolutionary Love, the movement toward higher and higher levels of mutuality, recognition, union, and embrace in which each level of evolution gives its gifts and self-organizes through the natural intelligence of reality to a higher level.

When we self-organize to higher levels of complexity and consciousness it is because more and more specialization is coming online. More and more uniqueness is emerging. You could actually view the history of evolution as the evolution of uniqueness. It is the movement from unconscious uniqueness to conscious uniqueness that creates Evolutionary We-Space. At the level of anthills every ant needs to fulfill his particularly function. The same is true at the human level. It doesn’t mean that human beings are ants. Here’s the difference: The ant is driven by the imperative, instinctual intelligence built into reality. The human being, who is awakened as Evolutionary Unique Self, evolves from unconscious uniqueness to conscious uniqueness. The human being can only create heaven on earth by consciously choosing to incarnate and live Unique Self.

When you consciously choose to evolve and awaken as Unique Self, and give your unique gifts committing outrageous acts of love then everyone around you, inspired, attracted by the strange attractor of your example, begins to move toward their Unique Self. Reality self-organizes.

Communism said, “Let’s solve all the problems of reality top-down.” If we realized anything in the twentieth century it is that top-down doesn’t work. Adam Smith had an intuition. It was the intuition of capitalism. The intuition was, the invisible hand of the market. What Adam Smith was talking about, before the words existed, was self-organization. Smith writes in 1176 in The Wealth of Nations, “Every individual is constantly exerting himself to find out the most advantageous employment for whatever capital he can command. It is his own advantage, indeed, and not that of society, which he has in view. But the study of his own advantage naturally, or rather necessarily, leads him to prefer that employment which is most advantageous to society.” Without using that language, Smith suggests the markets will self-organize and create a just system. However, in his first book, Theory of Moral Sentiments, Smith outlined the core ethical impulse in the human being to awaken as love. Historically, Smith has been read only through the lens of his second book, producing a tragic mis-reading of the nature of self and what he means by ‘his own advantage’. But Smith clearly understood the potent concept that global economy, based on a series of simple principles like supply and demand, is an extremely sophisticated self-organized system.

Smith’s assumption from The Wealth of Nations is people are acting solely for their own advantage. His earlier work, however, is talking from the perspective of separate ego self. Separate ego self was the classic consciousness of the 18th century western European enlightenment from which Smith lived and wrote.

Self-organization at the level of Unique Self looks very different than self-organization at the level of separate ego self. The latter is driven by the legitimate but limited deficiency needs of the separate self. Developmental thinker, Abraham Maslow, included survival, belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization in what he called deficiency needs. All of these are core ego needs of the separate self. But if you awaken into higher level of consciousness, first true self, then Unique Self and then Evolutionary unique self Unique Self, then the entire nature of self-organization itself evolves.

It’s not just the markets that are self-organizing, but actually the good, the true, and the beautiful are self-organizing creatively in higher and higher levels, guided by the principle of uniqueness. You begin to get a vision of how Unique Self becomes the psychoactive structure that actually liberates human potential, human creativity, and allows us to address every single challenge we face today.

Through the power of love – in this case, self-love which is self-perception, you sense the taste and embrace the perspective of your uniqueness. You identity what acts of Outrageous Love flow from your uniqueness. Through the power of love you further identify the unique needs in your unique circle of intimacy and influence that can be addressed by you and you alone. To know what your neighbor needs is to love your neighbor. To love the stranger is to know what the stranger needs.

There is an old story about love which was told by Unique Self masters in the late 19th century. A Russian peasant named Ivan is drunk in a tavern. “Do you love me?” he says to his friend Alyosha, in the way that drunkards often do. “Of course I love you,” responds Alyosha. “Tell me what you need, anything, and I will do it for you”. And says Ivan to Alyosha with the sadness that comes from the depth of inebriation, “I see that you do not really love me, for if you loved me you would know what I need”.

To love you neighbor is to respond to the person right next to you. It is to identify the unique need in your unique circle of intimacy and influence. It is this consciousness that manifests the Unique Self Symphony of Outrageous Love. Just like ants in an ant colony, you are not moved by the global issues but by what is needed at street level. You think locally, are impacted by local needs and you act locally. What is manifested however through each Unique Self acting locally is the globally transformative Unique Self Symphony, with each Unique Self playing her instrument, committing her unique acts of Outrageous Love.

Unique Self catalyzes the emergence of the highest and most elegant level of Outrageous Love – Evolutionary We Space and the Unique Self Symphony. This Outrageous Love, which explodes as a new level of consciousness, has the power to heal and transform both the personal and collective suffering–the outrageous pain which defines our world.

To be continued…

Taken from a first draft text from the forthcoming book The Path and Practice of Outrageous Love by Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid, this series elaborates on a critical advancement of the Unique Self Dharma that Dr. Marc has developed after Your Unique Self was published.