First Awakening Your Unique Self 10-Week Telecourse A Success

Our first major public telecourse “Awakening Your Unique Self” completed last week with a fantastic call on “Evolutionary We-space” and “Answering the Call”. In wildly exciting ways, Dr. Gafni linked the teaching of Unique Self with important new developments based in computer science, molecular biology, and chaos theory. It was truly a heart-opening and mind-blowing experience. New teachings and a kind of radical clarity emerged which were felt by everyone in the course. We are delighted to be offering this course again in the near future and will announce dates when we have them.

Words from the Heart: Upon Completion of our 10-week Course

I am going to engage life differently by showing my sheer JOY to be alive and by sharing my love, knowledge and gifts to as many people who allow it. I`m going to “let this little light of mine SHINE!”

Thank you Marc, thank you for the new conversation you are inviting me, us, to.

My heart has finally been opened and my soul so profoundly touched.

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