Evolutionary Unique Self, Outrageous Love & the Unique Self Symphony (Part 3)

Taken from a first draft text from the forthcoming book The Path and Practice of Outrageous Love by Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid, this series elaborates on a critical advancement of the Unique Self Dharma that Dr. Marc has developed after Your Unique Self was published.

Continued from part 2.

Insight: Our heart closes in the gap between our ability to feel the outrageous pain of the world and our ability to heal it. This happens into two ways.

1) The loss of feeling makes us impotent by cutting us off from outrageous love.  We then lose the power to heal.

2) The inability to heal because the pain is too large, closes down our ability to feel. We cannot feel because the largeness of the pain would short-circuit our lives.

Minding the gap between our ability to feel and our ability to heal is where transformation happens. This gap is critical because it points to a powerful insight that is missing in both spiritual and scientific literature: Our hearts do not merely close because of our personal heartaches.

There is a much greater broken heart, which pulses in us and all around us. Hebrew mystics referred to this larger breaking of the heart as the shattering of the vessels.

By committing outrageous acts of love you become part of the Unique Self symphony, transforming not only yourself and your circle of intimacy and influence, but also the wider field of culture and consciousness, which leads us to the Law of Evolutionary Intimacy.

To be continued…