Evolutionary Unique Self, Outrageous Love & the Unique Self Symphony (Part 17)

Taken from a first draft text from the forthcoming book The Path and Practice of Outrageous Love by Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid, this series elaborates on a critical advancement of the Unique Self Dharma that Dr. Marc has developed after Your Unique Self was published.

Continued from part 16.

Every human being is an irreducibly unique expression of creativity, with a unique gift to give and a unique life to live. This gift can be given only by them since it’s a function of their unique perspective. In the accelerated world of technological exchange, all of these Unique Selves with their unique perspectives are having idea sex. Suddenly we have this incredible explosion of creativity. Our growing evolutionary intimacy fosters an ever more promiscuous mating of these ideas. A natural selection takes place through idea sex.

Great ideas generate new realities when different dimensions of creativity from disparate fields come together and generate new emergence. To give but one recent example of idea sex in the realm of technology, you take credit systems, the internet, and the cell phone, and you allow small shopkeeper in Africa to create a credit business on their cell phone. This opens up portals beyond poverty that were previously unimaginable. All innovation is born when ideas from different fields are linked together in a new way. Infused by the original genius of a Unique Self or the Evolutionary We Space of a community of Unique Selves, and the ceaseless erotic creativity of the universe awakens a new emergent.

This is happening in medicine, economics, in every field of the sciences, technology, in the way we do fertilization, the way we grow food. If we actually begin to play and engage this enormous Unique Self Symphony the possibilities are endless. The nature of Unique Self Symphony is every person playing their unique instrument to perfection, even as they listen deeply to all the other instruments. One instrument playing by itself, clenched and deaf to the larger symphony produces only discordant noise. An instrument that tries to hijack the symphony by ignoring the other instruments naturally gets thrown out. Rather it is from the diversity of uniqueness that we create new music. That new music is the ground of hope. That Unique Self Symphony has all the music we need to meet the challenges that threaten our very survival. But it is more than that. Our unique creativity is not motivated by fear. It is motivated by the love. Love is expressed as the creative Eros of the evolutionary impulse, which comes alive in us. It comes alive in us easily and naturally when we make a simple decision to align with the personal face of the evolutionary impulse that lives as us–our Evolutionary Unique Self.

The creative advance into novelty, which allured quarks into becoming atoms and atoms into molecules, is at work not merely in technological, scientific or business. It is pulsing in your unique creativity in this very moment. It is awake in every person and every community’s process of evolutionary self-transformation. As you awaken and draw wisdom from diverse places, you bring together ideas in a new way which becomes the operating system for your Unique Self emergence. Your life is successful if you awaken to your originality and live your unique essence. You live your uniqueness both by receiving and giving, and simply by living your unique essence. You show up by showing up as your unique taste and by giving the gifts that naturally well out of your unique perspective.

To be continued…