Evolutionary Unique Self, Outrageous Love & the Unique Self Symphony (Part 11)

Taken from a first draft text from the forthcoming book The Path and Practice of Outrageous Love by Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid, this series elaborates on a critical advancement of the Unique Self Dharma that Dr. Marc has developed after Your Unique Self was published.

Continued from part 10.

Self-Organizing Universe

I understand that it may be challenging for you to imagine your outrageous acts of love can create a ripple effect powerful enough to heal the planet. But let me assure you, the principles of this evolutionary process are firmly rooted in the study of complex systems. The core mechanism of Evolutionary We Space is the scientific principle of self-organization, which implicitly contains within it the principle of specialization (which is why Unique Self is so important.)

The idea of self-organization is, according to many, the single most important scientific idea to emerge in the last fifty years. It exists at every level of reality. Take for example an anthill. The anthill is magnificently organized. The level of complexity and precision is dazzling. To sight but one example, the location of the cemetery in an anthill is geometrically the farthest possible distance from the garbage dump. Which ant made that calculation? Each ant knows what to do and how to interact with other ant. The ants each act in response to what the scientific literature calls signals from “street level.” There is an interior knowing in the ant of what needs to be done in its immediate environs. The individual ant receives signals from the ants that it passes. Those ants secrete pheromone, a particular chemical that communicates information. Each ant then acts locally in response to the unique needs that the ant perceive at street level, in its immediate surrounding. However, each ant acting locally creates a global effect. That is the vast elegance and complexity of the perfectly organized and interdependent anthill. When this principle is applied to the universe what emerges is what has been described by leading edge evolutionary theorists as the self-organizing universe.

Science tells us that self-organization is a basic principle of reality at all levels. Self-organization, and Evolutionary We Space and Evolutionary Unique Self are directly related in the emergence of collective consciousness. There is what some physicists have called the “inherent ceaseless creativity” of the cosmos, which moves reality to higher and deeper levels of complexity, consciousness and love. An external god making decrees does not enforce this development. Rather this evolutionary emergence is a function of the internal property of self-organization, which is the creative cosmos always evolving and organizing at higher and higher levels. The question is, what guides self organization at the level of human culture? Clearly it is not pheromone, which tells ants what other ants need in their immediate surroundings. The answer is dramatic, yet elegantly simple. Once it is almost self evident in its truth. The guiding principle, or said better the organizing principle of the self-organizing universe is Evolutionary Unique Self.

Evolutionary Unique Self is a psychoactive construct that lies at the very core of nature. You awaken to your Evolutionary Unique Self as the most accurate interior expression of I am. Who am I? I am an Evolutionary Unique Self. Evolutionary Unique Self is the currency of connection with the larger current of outrageous love that powers the universe.

Evolutionary Unique Self is actually what drives the emergence of civilization itself. It rests in part on the principle of what a whole school of economists and anthropologists refer to as specialization[1].

To be continued…


[1] A key exponent of these ideas is from Matt Ridley in his book the Rational Optimist. Ridley is operating in a materialist flatland paradigm with little awareness of either waking up or growing up. However his presentation of human evolution, particularly the evolution of ideas rests in part on an implicit Evolutionary Unique Self principle. We are following his argument in the paragraphs below.