Dr. Marc Gafni

Marc GafniMeet the Author

Marc Gafni, D.Phil., Scholar-in-Residence and Director of the Center for World Spirituality, is a philosopher, public intellectual, and wisdom teacher who is leading the emergence of the World Spirituality movement based on what Gafni has termed the Democratization of Enlightenment.

At the core of his teachings is what he calls the Enlightenment of Fullness, the linchpin of which is Unique Self, a spiritual technology with the potential to bridge the chasm between pre-modern, modern, and post-modern schools of thought. The Unique Self teaching is now being adapted in leading treatment centers, universities, private schools and spiritual centers all over the world. In each of these fields, leaders are doing serious work to bring Gafni’s teaching to bear in a way that redefines their fields.

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Gafni has developed many educational programs and workshops rooted in traditional wisdom and yet fully adapted to the needs of the contemporary world. Now, he is a leading voice in the World Spirituality movement which he initiated together with Ken Wilber and dozens of other intellectual and spiritual luminaries.

World Spirituality is a new framework for meaning based on an attempt at the highest possible integration of pre-modern religions, modern scientific principles, and post-modern philosophies based on Integral principles. More than an interfaith movement, and beyond perennial philosophy, World Spirituality thinkers are blazing new evolutionary paths in discovering the New Enlightenment, a path for realizing authentic self-discovery and evolving the source code of human meaning and values.

Dr. Gafni’s forthcoming book is called Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment. This work challenges the conventional wisdom of enlightenment and suggests a fundamental evolution of the source code of enlightenment thought. It is the culmination of years of research into Western and Eastern enlightenment traditions and many hours of conversations with cutting-edge thinkers and spiritual teachers from diverse lineages and traditions.

For a public figure, Gafni has been remarkably unafraid to show his continual evolution as a thinker and in his personal life, at times facing trials to his reputation on hate-sites and in the some corners of the blogosphere. He strives to live with integrity according to the mantra of World Spirituality: wake up, grow up, show up, and lighten up. As he defied the odds to successfully overcome injustice and obstacle, he brought his deepened awareness of personal and collective shadow to his writings in such areas as the evolution masculinity and femininity and ethics in spiritual communities.