“Like a puzzle piece, Unique Self is both utterly unique and distinct, and yet paradoxically it is that very uniqueness and distinction that merges one with All-that-Is.”

“Unique Self is the individualized expression of the love-intelligence that is the very Eros of evolution living as you.”

“Longing and desire are holy: the yearning itself guides and fills you, and leads you back to your Unique Self.”

Awakening Your Unique Self is your contribution, your gift, your obligation, to the evolution of love — which is no less than the evolution of God.

“It is fair to say that to awaken your Unique Self is to participate in the future of God. It is no small thing to participate in the future of God.”

“I am ready for a transformation of identity. I am ready to leave my small self behind.”

“I am ready to recognize my true self, incarnate my Unique Self, and live as the evolutionary force of love.”